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I've been using Mozilla since version 0.7, and I think it's a great browser. Now that it's nearly at version 1.7, even some diehard IE users are using the open source browser. (Even if you don't like Mozilla, or don't want to take the time to download this browser, be thankful it exists, as it helps to keep Internet Explorer honest.)

This is just a collection of tricks that I like that make Mozilla that much easier to use. Please feel free to send any of your favorite tips to mozilla AT mooreds FULL STOP com.

  1. Tabbed browsing is amazing. Opera had it first, but Mozilla has a great implementation. One thing that bugged me was moving between the tabs (like alt-tab moves between applications [on windows and linux]). Opening new tabs from the keyboward was easy: control-T opens up a new tab. Getting around wasn't. A quick web search turned up this tip: to move between tabs, press the control and page up keys, or the control and page down keys. Control tab (and control-shift-tab) works for me as well (on windows, haven't tested it on linux).
  2. I like to be able to read text at a large size to ease strain on my eyes. Mozilla lets me increase the text size of a page I'm reading without using the mouse: pressing control and then the =/+ key increases the size. If you’ve made the text too big, press control and the -/_ key to decrease the font size.
  3. One of my favorite features is the address bar keyword expansion. Go to your favorite search engine and search for "foo. Bookmark the results. Then manage your bookmarks (under the "Bookmarks" menu) and edit the properties of that bookmark (via right clicking it). Change "foo" to "%s" and give the bookmark a keyword-perhaps s for search. Click OK and exit your bookmarks. Now type "s foo bar baz" in the address bar, and, lo, the keyword is expanded and your search is run. Now, IE has a google toolbar, but address bar keyword expansion is also useful for other web applications-anything that can be queried via a GET method. I have keywords for, google and teoma.
  4. Visiting a web page and curious to see what the underlying html looks like? Control-u is the shortcut to 'view source.'
  5. I've blogged about some ways to make Firefox more like Mozilla.
  6. MozillaTips has many more suggestions for optimizing Mozilla.

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